General InformationEdit

IGN: Cherry_Rae (Secondary Character)

Name: Security Guard (Real name unknown)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: -

Height: -

Birthplace: Comitatus, LCT


The Security Guard's exact facial features are unknown but he is frequently seen wearing the Gateport security uniform


The Security Guard is pretty sick of uncooopertive customers. While he tries to remain professional, he often gets fed up with people who object to their luggage being searched. Due to this he speaks in an overly polite manner to try to cover up his anger.


Not much is known about the Security Guard's backstory.

Abilities & PowersEdit



Episode OneEdit

When Tori first arrives in Gateport she is stopped by the Security Guard because of her pernus shaped lugage. He tries to politely usher her over to the Baggage inspector, but Tori gets very offended as she thinks he has something against pernuses.


  • He overuses the word 'Ma'am'
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