Rip in Peace iH It's been a year

Rip in Peace iH It's been a year

Havensday Remembrance 2014

♥ Farewell InHaven ♥

♥ Farewell InHaven ♥

Original Farewell InHaven Video

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InHaven was a Minecraft server sponsored by inthelittlewood of the Yogscast. It began running on July the 31st of 2011, and unfortunately scheduled to close on May the 17th of 2013 and having a delayed shutdown to a later date of which is unknown.

Originally, InHaven was known as Stirredfork and was a small community which expanded into a large and diverse one, closely knitted and consisting of lasting friendships made over a server and enduring over other forms of communication.

Farewell InHaven Signature PageEdit

A yearbook-style signature page was created by community member Gorhang on Google Docs, and many active users at the time of the closing signed it. It can be accessed here.

"An Ode to Haven (In Haven that I love)"Edit

Rest in Peace Haven, 31/07/2011 - 17/05/2013

"In Haven that I Love"
Inhavengames temp logo web

InHaven Logo

The far and risen rooftops

The suns and stars above

The lights all shining brightly

In Haven that I love

A land of far horizons

Of flowing crystal rivers

Of silver trees

Of golden leaves

The fields of bow and quiver

A vista of ocean sites

Cyan seas and golden shores

Moon on water shining bright

Oh Haven we will meet once more

And the people I must commend

My longing in their absense

An abyss in my heart

That time cannot mend

We were, we are

We will be

We are Haven that I love

And though much grief

May pull me down

And though that grief

Will always make me frown

The bonds we made

The love we shared

The times we had

The games we played

The glow we all have

Leaves an ever shining light

That reflects from the bottom of my heart

Because will we never ever part

Haven my love my life my soul

Bear me to the ships

Take me by the hand

Take me home

For even in the darkness

And tearing of the world

The fractured sky above

My final thoughts will be

In Haven that I love

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