General InformationEdit

IGN: Cherry_Rae (Secondary Character)

Name: Baggage Inspector (Real name unknown)

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: -

Height: -

Birthplace: Comitatus, LCT


The Baggage Inspector's exact facial features are unknown. He is only ever seen wearing the Gateport Baggage Security uniform.


While taking a very objective point of view when doing his job, the Baggage Inspector does not appreciate customers holding conversations about bodily waste, and will ask them to refrain from using such vile language, politely of course. After many years of checking for bombs and terrorist attacks he finds it easy to remain calm under any kind of circumstance.


Not much is known about the Baggage Inspector's backstory, however it is assumed he was born and grew up in Comitatus.

Abilities & PowersEdit



Episode OneEdit

Tori is directed to the Baggage Inspector after her pernus shaped package alerts the Security Guard. After finding a large ammount of toilet paper in the bundle and questioning Tori about this, he disposes of her luggage at her request and lets her go through to the arrivals area.


  • He does not appreciate talk of bodily waste
  • He neither defends nor objects to Gateport's strict baggage inspection policy, simply saying "I don't make the rules" when asked
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